The -5- newborn photography magic tricks you NEED to know to successfully take your own newborn photos.

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In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

How to Use What You Already Have

Making the most of natural light and finding the best angles to photograph your baby whether you're using a fancy DSLR or your trusty iPhone

How to Keep Your Baby Safe

We'll cover the safest newborn poses, which ones should absolutely never be done without proper training and natural baby-led photography.

How to Plan the Photos of Your Dreams

Our favorite ways to plan in advance so you don't miss a single shot, plus how to create cohesive wall gallery worthy images

Hey, I'm Paige!

And I'm the owner and lead newborn photographer for Glean & Co Photography in Boise, Idaho.
8 years ago I was where you are today, about to welcome my first baby into the world. It felt like he would never arrive (he was 13 days late!) and I could not stand the anticipation of being a mom. 3 years later I had another and 3 years after that I had my last. And the thing that I have learned the most over these past 8 years and 3 sons is that babies sure don’t keep. If there’s anything I could go back and do it would be to take even more photos of them. (And I take A. LOT.) I want to document each and every little milestone and I hate that I blink and they’ve changed over night. 
While I absolutely love professional photography, I also truly believe that you can capture some amazing moments and memories of your own babies using just the equipment you already own.
I'm so excited to join you in this LIVE webinar masterclass to teach all the little tips and tricks I've learned over the years and wish I would have had during that first session with my oldest 8 years ago. 
See you in there!
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